Adding a surfactant to the cleansing care product can help create foam, which is more effective in cleansing the skin and easier to rinse off.

複方天然起泡劑 1L
Natural Surfactants Blend 1L
複方天然起泡劑 220ml
Natural Surfactants Blend 220ml
胺基酸起泡粉 60g
Amino Acid Surfactant Powder 60g
有機溫和活性劑 60g
Organic Mild Surfactant 60g
葡萄糖活性劑 220ml
Decyl Glucoside 220ml
硬脂酸 150g
Stearic Acid 150g
葡萄糖活性劑 30ml
Decyl Glucoside 30ml
甜菜起泡劑 50ml
Coco Betaine 50ml
椰子油甘油酯 30ml
Glyceryl Cocoate 30ml
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