The active extracts extracted from natural plants have various effects on the skin, most of them are water-soluble, which can be added to the skin care products according to your own needs, to enhance the skin care effect.

牛蒡萃取液 30ml
Burdock Root Extract 30ml
杞子萃取液 30ml
Goji Berry Extract 30ml
沙棘果萃取液 30ml
Seabuckthorn Extract 30ml
有機綠茶萃取液 30ml
Organic Green Tea Extract 30ml
鳳梨萃取液 30ml
Pineapple Extract 30ml
有機甘草萃取液 30ml
Licorice Extract (Organic) 30ml
蜜糖萃取液 30ml
Honey Extract 30ml
蝶豆花浸泡液 30ml
Butterfly Pea Infusion 30ml
洛神花浸泡液 30ml
Roselle Infusion 30ml
博士茶浸泡液 30ml
Rooibos Infusion 30ml
熊果萃取液 30ml
Bearberry Extract 30ml
山金車萃取液 30ml
Arnica Extract 30ml
濃縮蘆薈原液 30ml
Concentrated Aloe Vera Juice 30ml
蘭花萃取液 30ml
Orchid Extract 30ml
人蔘萃取液 30ml
Ginseng Extract 30ml
墨角藻萃取液 30ml
Bladderwrack Extract 30ml
小黃瓜萃取液 30ml
Cucumber Extract 30ml
有機金盞花萃取液 30ml
Marigold Extract (Organic) 30ml
有機積雪草萃取液 30ml
Centella Extract (Organic) 30ml
銀杏萃取液 30ml
Ginkgo Extract 30ml
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