Other Raw Material

There many other ingredients can be used in the DIY process. The materials that are not summarized in the above classification can be found here.

活性椰子炭粉 20g
Activated Coconut Charcoal Powder 20g
有機蘋果原醋 100ml
Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar 100ml
法國蒙脫土 100g
French Montmorillonite 100g
有機葛根澱粉 120g
Organic Arrowroot Powder 120g
揮發性矽油 100ml
Dimethicone 100ml
核桃磨砂粒子 30g
Walnut Scrub 30g
礦物油 100ml
Mineral Oil 100ml
洗滌梳打 150g
Washing Soda 150g
檸檬烯 50ml
D-Limonene 50ml
喜馬拉雅山岩鹽 200g
Himalayan Salt 200g
木糖醇 30g
Xylitol 30g
香茅油 50ml
Citronella Oil 50ml
鯨蠟醇 150g
Cetyl Alcohol 150g
羊毛脂 1000ml
Lanolin Oil 1000ml
羊毛脂 220ml
Lanolin Oil 220ml
羊毛脂 100ml
Lanolin Oil 100ml
食用級色素─橙色 30ml
Coloring (Food Grade) - Orange 30ml
水楊酸 15g
Salicylic Acid 15g
薄荷腦 10g
Menthol 10g
檸檬酸 200g
Citric Acid 200g
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