Herbal Powder

The herbal powder is made by turning dried herbs into powder, which is with beautiful colors. You can add herbal powder into handmade soap for pigmentation, or use it to create infused oil for making other skincare products.

有機燕麥粉 60g
Organic Oat Powder 60g
無患子粉 15g
Soap Nut Powder 15g
魚腥草粉 30g
Fishwort Powder 30g
低溫艾草粉 15g
Mugwood Powder 15g
青黛粉 15g
Indigo Powder 15g
紫草粉 15g
Comfrey Powder 15g
紅甜菜根粉 15g
Beet Root Powder 15g
胭脂樹粉 15g
Annatto Powder 15g
白芷粉 30g
Angelica Powder 30g
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