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花茶 Herbal Tea
各種優質的花草茶,可泡茶飲用或製作護膚品,製成浸泡油,亦可直接將花瓣加到手工皂或護膚品內作為裝飾。 There are different high-quality herbal tea, which is suitable for drinking or making skincare products. You can also add them into handmade soap or skincare products for decorations.
有機食材 Gourmet
無基因改造、激素、人造色素、化學農藥和肥料的有機食材,讓你吃得更有營養,活得更健康,由內美到外。 Organic foods are without genetic modification, hormones, artificial colors, chemical pesticides and fertilizers, which can let you live in a more nutritious and healthier way.
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