Natural Perfume Materials

100% natural perfume materials, which are made by different essential oil and herb extracts, are great choices for perfume and skincare products making.

蒸餾青檸精油 10ml
Lime Distilled Essential Oil 10ml
柚子精油 10ml
Pomelo Essential Oil 10ml
10%天然茉莉油 10ml
10% Jasmine Absolute in Fractionated Palm Oil 10ml
天然越橘莓香水原料 10ml
Lingonberry Natural Blend 10ml
天然忍冬花香水原料 10ml
Honey Suckle Natural Blend 10ml
天然香梨香水原料 10ml
Pear Natural Blend 10ml
天然百香果香水原料 10ml
Passion Fruit Natural Blend 10ml
阿米香樹精油 10ml
Amyris Essential Oil 10ml
冬青精油 10ml
Wintergreen Essential Oil 10ml
天然花梨木香水原料 10ml
Rosewood Natural Blend 10ml
廣藿香淡精油 10ml
Patchouli Essential Oil Light 10ml
松木精油 10ml
Pine Essential Oil 10ml
五倍甜橙精油 10ml
5-Fold Orange Essential Oil 10ml
去光敏佛手柑精油 10ml
Bergamot Essential Oil FCF 10ml
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