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DIY書籍 DIY Books
各類DIY手工皂、護膚品書籍,在家自學無難度! There are different books about handmade soap, skincare products, etc. You can feel free to learn anywhere and anytime with these books~
香薰治療書籍 Aromatherapy Books
香薰精油不但有著天然的香氣,而且對身、心、靈有各種不同的療效。書籍中提供不同香薰精油的配搭配方,從療效到味道等都有詳細描述,為無從入手的你指點迷津。 Essential oil not only can express natural aroma, but also improve our health from body, mind to spirit. The aromatherapy books provide different formulas of essential oil, detailedly describe the benefits and scents, which are especially suitable for novices.
自然療法書籍 Natural Healing Books
自然療法有別於西醫療法,不會引起副作用亦對環境無侵略性,主張避免用藥,利用每個人與生俱來的能力自癒疾病。Natural healing is different from western medical method, which will not evoke side effects nor hurt the environment. Natural healing also insists to heal with every one's inborn ability, instead of relying on medicine.
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