Wax is an oily substance with a high melting point. It is usually extracted from plants, animals or minerals. It is solid at room temperature, but it dissolves after heating. It has a lubricating effect and is generally used to increase the hardness or consistency of skin care products.

太陽花蠟 150g
Sunflower Wax 150g
太陽花蠟 30g
Sunflower Wax 30g
植物固體酯 30g
Plant Solid Ester 30g
植物性蜂蠟 150g
Vegan Beeswax 150g
植物性蜂蠟 30g
Vegan Beeswax 30g
橄欖蠟 50g
Olive Wax 50g
山崳酯蜂蠟 150g
Behenyl Beeswax 150g
脫毛蠟 150g
Depilatory Wax 150g
楊梅蠟 150g
Bayberry Wax 150g
楊梅蠟 30g
Bayberry Wax 30g
有機巴西棕櫚蠟 150g
Organic Carnauba Wax 150g
有機巴西棕櫚蠟 30g
Organic Carnauba Wax 30g
有機松香樹脂蠟 30g
Organic Rosin Wax 30g
山崳酯蜂蠟 30g
Behenyl Beeswax 30g
蓖麻油聚酯 30g
Castor Wax 30g
有機原蜂蠟 100g
Beeswax Unrefined (organic) 100g
有機原蜂蠟 20g
Beeswax Unrefined (organic) 20g
小燭樹蠟 1kg
Candelilla Wax 1kg
小燭樹蠟 150g
Candelilla Wax 150g
小燭樹蠟 30g
Candelilla Wax 30g
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