Base Oil

The base oils are extracted from plant seeds, pulp, and germ. Containing fatty acids and glycerin, they are very natural and moisturizing and they contain various nutrients and plant active ingredients, which are essential for DIY skincare products.

有機洛神花籽油 100ml
Organic Hibiscus Seed Virgin Oil 100ml
白芒花籽油 220ml
Meadowfoam Seed Oil 220ml
白芒花籽油 100ml
Meadowfoam Seed Oil 100ml
石栗油 100ml
Kukui Nut Oil 100ml
有機罌粟籽油 100ml
Organic Virgin Poppy Seed Oil 100ml
CO2蛋黃油 100ml
CO2 Extracted Egg Yolk Oil 100ml
巴西莓果油 100ml
Buriti Virgin Oil 100ml
百香果籽油 100ml
Passion Fruit Seed Virgin Oil 100ml
有機橙皮脂 20g
Organic Orange Butter 20g
天然植物性絲薄油 50ml
Natural Plant Dry Emollient Oil 50ml
有機黑種草籽油 100ml
Organic Virgin Black Cumin Seed Oil 100ml
紫蘇籽油 100ml
Perilla Seed Oil 100ml
沙漠野西瓜籽油 30ml
Virgin Kalahari Melon Seed Oil 30ml
有機月見草油 1000ml
Evening Primrose Oil (Organic) 1000ml
有機印度聖果油 100ml
Amla Seed Virgin Oil (Organic) 100ml
有機荷荷巴油 1000ml
Organic Jojoba Oil 1000ml
有機荷荷巴油 220ml
Organic Jojoba Oil 220ml
有機荷荷巴油 100ml
Organic Jojoba Oil 100ml
黑醋栗籽油 100ml
Black Currant Seed Oil 100ml
燕麥油 30ml
Oat Oil 30ml
有機芒果脂 100g
Organic Mango Butter 100g
有機紅石榴籽油 100ml
Virgin Pomegranate Seed Oil (Organic) 100ml
巴巴蘇籽油 1000ml
Babasu oil 1000ml
巴巴蘇籽油 220ml
Babasu oil 220ml
巴巴蘇籽油 100ml
Babasu oil 100ml
有機猴麵包樹籽油 100ml
Baobab Virgin Oil (Organic) 100ml
有機亞麻籽油 100ml
Flaxseed Virgin Oil (Organic) 100ml
草莓籽油 30ml
Strawberry Seed Oil 30ml
有機辣木籽油 30ml
Moringa Seed Oil (Organic) 30ml
野生月季果油 220ml
Laurel Berry Oil 220ml
野生月季果油 100ml
Laurel Berry Oil 100ml
芥末籽油 100ml
Mustard Seed Oil 100ml
無花果籽油 30ml
Fig Seed Oil 30ml
咖啡油 30ml
Coffee Virgin Oil 30ml
有機蘆薈浸泡油 100ml
Aloe Vera Infused Oil (Organic) 100ml
特級冷壓橄欖油 1000ml
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1000ml
特級冷壓橄欖油 220ml
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 220ml
特級冷壓橄欖油 100ml
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100ml
有機琉璃苣籽油 100ml
Borage Virgin Oil (Organic) 100ml
米糠油 220ml
Rice Bran Oil 220ml
米糠油 100ml
Rice Bran Oil 100ml
有機瓊崖海棠油 100ml
Tamanu Oil (Organic) 100ml
有機玫瑰籽油 100ml
Rosehip Seed Virgin Oil (Organic) 100ml
大豆油 220ml
Soya Bean Oil 220ml
大豆油 100ml
Soya Bean Oil 100ml
有機CO2沙棘油 30ml
Seabuckthorn CO2 Extracted Oil (Organic) 30ml
有機大麻籽油 100ml
Hemp Seed Oil (Organic) 100ml
有機苦楝油 100ml
Neem Seed Oil (Organic) 100ml
有機海甘藍籽油 220ml
Crambe Seed Oil (Organic) 220ml
有機海甘藍籽油 100ml
Crambe Seed Oil (Organic) 100ml
杏核油 1000ml
Apricot Kernel Oil 1000ml
杏核油 220ml
Apricot Kernel Oil 220ml
杏核油 100ml
Apricot Kernel Oil 100ml
分餾椰子油 1000ml
Fractionated Coconut Oil 1000ml
分餾椰子油 100ml
Fractionated Coconut Oil 100ml
有機橄欖絲滑油 1000ml
Organic Olive Silky Oil 1000ml
有機橄欖絲滑油 220ml
Organic Olive Silky Oil 220ml
有機橄欖絲滑油 100ml
Organic Olive Silky Oil 100ml
金黃荷荷巴油 1000ml
Jojoba Golden Oil 1000ml
金黃荷荷巴油 220ml
Jojoba Golden Oil 220ml
金黃荷荷巴油 100ml
Jojoba Golden Oil 100ml
榛果油 1000ml
Hazelnut Oil 1000ml
榛果油 220ml
Hazelnut Oil 220ml
榛果油 100ml
Hazelnut Oil 100ml
有機月見草油 220ml
Evening Primrose Oil (Organic) 220ml
有機月見草油 100ml
Evening Primrose Oil (Organic) 100ml
米糠油 1000ml
Rice Bran Oil 1000ml
蓖麻油 100ml
Castor Oil 100ml
有機酪梨油 220ml
Organic Avocado Virgin Oil 220ml
有機酪梨油 100ml
Organic Avocado Virgin Oil 100ml
有機紫草浸泡油 1000ml
Comfrey Infused Oil (Organic) 1000ml
有機紫草浸泡油 220ml
Comfrey Infused Oil (Organic) 220ml
有機紫草浸泡油 100ml
Comfrey Infused Oil (Organic) 100ml
有機可可脂 50g
Organic Cocoa Butter 50g
小麥胚芽油 1000ml
Wheat Germ Oil 1000ml
甜杏仁油 1000ml
Sweet Almond Oil 1000ml
葵花籽油 1000ml
Sunflower Oil 1000ml
有機聖約翰草浸泡油 1000ml
St. John's Wort Infused Oil (Organic) 1000ml
芝麻油 1000ml
Sesame Oil 1000ml
橄欖油 1000ml
Olive Oil 1000ml
葡萄籽油 1000ml
Grape Seed Oil 1000ml
椰子油 1000ml
Coconut Oil 1000ml
有機胡蘿蔔浸泡油 1000ml
Carrot Infused Oil (Organic) 1000ml
有機金盞花浸泡油 1000ml
Calendula Infused Oil (Organic) 1000ml
有機山金車浸泡油 1000ml
Arnica Infused Oil (Organic) 1000ml
有機摩洛哥堅果油 1000ml
Argan Oil (Organic) 1000ml
大豆油 1000ml
Soya Bean Oil 1000ml
蓖麻油 1000ml
Castor Oil 1000ml
有機植物凡士林 100g
Organic Plant Vaseline 100g
有機植物凡士林 30g
Organic Plant Vaseline 30g
有機乳木果脂 100g
Organic Shea Butter 100g
有機乳木果脂 30g
Organic Shea Butter 30g
小麥胚芽油 220ml
Wheat Germ Oil 220ml
小麥胚芽油 100ml
Wheat Germ Oil 100ml
甜杏仁油 220ml
Sweet Almond Oil 220ml
甜杏仁油 100ml
Sweet Almond Oil 100ml
葵花籽油 100ml
Sunflower Oil 100ml
葵花籽油 220ml
Sunflower Oil 220ml
有機聖約翰草浸泡油 220ml
St. John's Wort Infused Oil (Organic) 220ml
芝麻油 220ml
Sesame Oil 220ml
芝麻油 100ml
Sesame Oil 100ml
棕櫚油 1000ml
Palm Oil 1000ml
葡萄籽油 220ml
Grape seed Oil 220ml
葡萄籽油 100ml
Grape seed Oil 100ml
椰子油 100ml
Coconut Oil 100ml
橄欖油 220ml
Olive Oil 220ml
橄欖油 100ml
Olive Oil 100ml
有機胡蘿蔔浸泡油 220ml
Carrot Infused Oil (Organic) 220ml
有機胡蘿蔔浸泡油 100ml
Carrot Infused Oil (Organic) 100ml
茶花籽油 220ml
Camellia Oil 220ml
茶花籽油 100ml
Camellia Oil 100ml
有機金盞花浸泡油 220ml
Calendula Infused Oil (Organic) 220ml
有機金盞花浸泡油 100ml
Calendula Infused Oil (Organic) 100ml
有機山金車浸泡油 220ml
Arnica Infused Oil (Organic) 220ml
有機山金車浸泡油 100ml
Arnica Infused Oil (Organic) 100ml
有機摩洛哥堅果油 220ml
Argan Oil (Organic) 220ml
有機摩洛哥堅果油 100ml
Argan Oil (Organic) 100ml
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