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香薰精油 Essential Oil
100%純天然的植物香薰精油,是由植物萃取出來的高濃度精華,有著天然的香氣,而且對身、心、靈有各種不同的療效,用途非常廣泛,加入保養品中能調配出不同功效和香味,亦能延長保養品的保質期。 Our essential oil are 100% natural, highly concentrated and extracted from plants. They have a natural aroma and various effects on body, mind and spirit. They can be applied on skin care products to provide different functions and fragrances, and also extend the shelf life of skincare products.
複方精油 Synergy Blend Essential Oil
複方精油配方是將兩種以上的單方精油調配混合,增強精油的功效和味道的層次。可作為香薰使用之外,還可作為按摩油按摩身體。 Synergy blend essential oil is about mixing two kinds or above of essential oil, in order to extend the effect and scents. They can be used as aromatherapy products, and also massage oil.
護膚油 Moisturizing Oil
幫助高度滋潤肌膚,而且天然純正的成分還有額外的護膚功效,可保持皮膚水分同時不會阻塞毛孔,適合大部分膚質。 Moisturizing oil not only can deeply moisturize your skin, but also contains extra skincare benefits with its natural ingredients. It can maintain your skin moisturizing without blocking pores, which is suitable for any skin types.
花水 / 純露 Floral Water / Hydrosol
花水是蒸餾植物精油時產生的副產品,部份能溶於水中的植物精華成份隨著蒸汽冷卻成為了花水,帶有清淡的香氣,含有很多珍貴成份,可以直接用於皮膚上,很容易被吸收,具保濕補水、潤澤肌膚等功效,是非常好的肌膚保養品。 Hydrosol is a by-product during the distillation of essential oils, as some of the plant extracts that are water-soluble become water with steam. Hydrosol contains a light aroma, and many precious ingredients that can be directly applied to the skin. It is easy to be absorbed and moisturizing.
基礎產品 Base Products
無香味的半製成基礎保養品,只需加入合適的精油或添加物就可以馬上使用。 Base products are fragrance-free, semi-finished products that can be used directly by adding essential oil or supplement according to your needs.
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