Other Raw Material

There many other ingredients can be used in the DIY process. The materials that are not summarized in the above classification can be found here.

食用級色素─綠色 30ml
Coloring (Food Grade) - Green 30ml
食用級色素─黃色 30ml
Coloring (Food Grade) - Yellow 30ml
食用級色素─玫紅色 30ml
Coloring (Food Grade) - Red 30ml
食用級色素─藍色 30ml
Coloring (Food Grade) - Blue 30ml
鎂鹽 150g
Magnesium Sulfate 150g
荷荷巴粒子 30g
Jojoba Beads 30g
小梳打 150g
Sodium Bicarbonate 150g
皂土 200g
Bentonite 200g
高嶺土 100g
Kaolin 100g
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