Natural Cold Process Emulsifier

Natural Cold Process Emulsifier

It is suitable for the oil-in-water emulsifier used in the cold process. It can be used to emulsify and thicken the product by using a small amount without adding other thickener. The finishing cream is smooth and moist, it can also help the skin moisturize.

Grade: Cosmetic

Suitable for: Lotion, cream, facial mask, cleansing products, hair care and sunscreen products.

How to use: Stir the ingredients with a small spoon before use. Mix with the oil phase material first, then add distilled water or hydrosol, stir for about 15-20 minutes to become a smooth cream. The higher the oil content of the product, the higher the amount of use required, increased amount can make the product thicker.

Suggested use level: 0.5-2%. Suitable for the formula in oil ratio 5-25%, pH 4-12, anionic and nonionic components.

Origin: United Kingdom

INCI:Sodium Polyacrylate and HEC and Ethylhexyl Stearate and Trideceth 6

Volume: 20g
Price: HKD$60.00

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