Prevent the deterioration of bacteria and molds from skin care products, extending the shelf life of skin care products, and preventing skin from being exposed to excessive bacteria.

複合果酸抗菌劑 30ml
Antimicrobial Fruit Acids 30ml
96%乙醇 220ml
96% Ethanol 220ml
96%乙醇 100ml
96% Ethanol 100ml
99%異丙醇 1L
99% Isopropyl Alcohol 1L
99%異丙醇 250ml
99% Isopropyl Alcohol 250ml
3%雙氧水 100ml
3% Hydrogen Peroxide 100ml
無水植物多肽抗菌劑 10ml
Anhydrous Anti-Microbial Peptides 10ml
乙醇 100ml
Ethanol 100ml
葡萄糖螯合劑 10g
Glucose Chelating Agent 10g
迷迭香萃取抗氧化劑 10ml
Rosemary Extract Antioxidant 10ml
接骨木莓油溶抗菌劑 10ml
Elderberry Antimicrobial Oil 10ml
柿子除臭精華液 10ml
Persimmon Deodorizing Essence 10ml
複方植物多肽抗菌劑 30ml
Antimicrobial Peptides 30ml
天然抗菌劑 (食品級) 10g
Potassium Sorbate 10g
99%異丙醇 100ml
99% Isopropyl Alcohol 100ml
乙醇 50ml
Ethanol 50ml
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