Amino Acid Surfactant Powder

Amino Acid Surfactant Powder

A mild and natural detergent with a weak acidity similar to our skin. It is non-irritating and non-allergenic. It produces a smooth and elastic foam. It feels smooth and comfortable when used, and does not tighten after use. It is ultra-fine powdery and can be dissolved immediately with water. It can be directly added with water or made into a solution for various types of detergents.

Grade: Cosmetic

Suitable for: Cleansing products such as cleansing powder, cleansing milk, shampoo and shower gel.

How to use: Can be directly added to the aqueous phase material, if you want to enhance the cleaning power or increase the foam, it can be used with other surfactant. Since the powder is very fine and light, take care to avoid shaking it, the powder will be lifted up or inhaled.

Suggested use level: 3-5%

Origin: Korea

INCI:Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate

Volume: 60g
Price: HKD$100.00

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