Velvet Touch Foundation

Velvet Touch Foundation

Just tap the skin gently can perfectly even out the skin tone, modify the pores and exert high concealing power. You can’t see the skin flaws even at close range, and your skin will be as smooth as velvet. The creamy texture allows the foundation to spread easily on the skin, making the makeup feel softer and more perfect, creating a sense of purity. It also has an anti-pollution effect, which can keep young by reducing skin oxidation and aging. At the same time, the creamy texture is more durable than liquid foundation. It controls the oil secretion and moisturizes the skin throughout the day, even if it is outdoors in hot weather. Long-term use can deeply care for the skin, showing your outstanding charisma.

Featured Ingredients:

Micro Algae Extract: As a powerful anti-pollution active, it can slow down the skin aging process, and improve skin protective barrier which keeps the skin hydrated and healthy, maintaining your skin young and beautiful.

Cactus Extract: Quickly soothes and treats allergic symptoms. It also provides an ultimate moisturizing effect on dehydrated or sensitive skin, balancing oil secretion, leaving skin with a healthy glow and preventing discomforts such as burning and itching.

EWG Rating:


NET WT.:10g

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