Special Oil

Each unique non-triglyceride oil is perfectly for adjusting the skin feel and appearance of skin care products, making it easy to create master-class products.

固體羊毛脂 100g
Solid Lanolin 100g
植物性彷皮脂 10ml
Vegetal Skin Lipid 10ml
天然松樹酯 50ml
Natural Rosin Ester 50ml
天然植物性絲薄油 50ml
Natural Plant Dry Emollient Oil 50ml
高粘矽油 60g
High Viscosity Silicone 60g
揮發性矽油 100ml
Dimethicone 100ml
夏威夷堅果絲絨油 50ml
Macadamia Nut Velvet Oil 50ml
有機揮發性椰子油 50ml
Organic Coconut Alkanes 50ml
礦物油 100ml
Mineral Oil 100ml
有機海甘藍籽甾醇 50ml
Organic Crambe Seed Phytosterol 5ml
有機橄欖角鯊烷 50ml
Organic Olive Squalane 50ml
有機橄欖絲滑油 1000ml
Organic Olive Silky Oil 1000ml
有機橄欖絲滑油 220ml
Organic Olive Silky Oil 220ml
有機橄欖絲滑油 100ml
Organic Olive Silky Oil 100ml
羊毛脂 1000ml
Lanolin Oil 1000ml
羊毛脂 220ml
Lanolin Oil 220ml
羊毛脂 100ml
Lanolin Oil 100ml
有機植物凡士林 100g
Organic Plant Vaseline 100g
有機植物凡士林 30g
Organic Plant Vaseline 30g
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