Macadamia Nut Velvet Oil

Macadamia Nut Velvet Oil

Macadamia nut velvet oil is an all-natural emollient made from macadamia nut oil, it is also a vegetal substitute for silicone oil and completely biodegradable. For its high similarity to human sebum, it has extremely skin-friendly and moisturizing properties. It also has high anti-oxidation performance and high permeability. It gives a velvety texture and a non-sticky finish after use, which is especially suitable for non-silicone makeup, sunscreen and hair care products.


Suitable for:Foundation, eyeshadow, rouge, lipsticks, mascara, eyeliner, face cream, aroma oil, sunscreen products, hair care products.

How to use:Oil soluble. Can be incorporated in the aqueous phase of the formula.

Suggested use level:1-100%


INCI: Ethyl Macadamiate



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