Recommended Items

We have chosen the following ingredients as recommended products, which are commonly found in high-end brands’ products and have prominent skincare effect.

絲蛋白胜肽 10g
Silk Peptide 10g
毋忘我緊緻精華油 10ml
Myosotis Firming Oil Essence 10ml
有機奧圖玫瑰3%香薰精油 10ml
3% Rose Otto in Jojoba (Organic) Essential Oil 10ml
有機橙花3%香薰精油 10ml
3% Neroli in Jojoba (Organic) Essential Oil 10ml
有機永久花3%香薰精油 10ml
3% Immortelle in Jojoba (Organic) Essential Oil 10ml
維他命A 10g
Vitamin A 10ml
蘋果幹細胞 5ml
Apple Stem Cell 5ml
有機玻璃質酸溶液 30ml
Hyaluronic Acid Solution 30ml
維他命B5 60g
Vitamin B5 60g
維他命B3 30g
Vitamin B3 30g
酵母精華液 30ml
Yeast Glucan 30ml
有機保加利亞玫瑰純露 120ml
Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol (Organic) 120ml
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