Floral Water / Hydrosol

Hydrosol is a by-product during the distillation of essential oils, as some of the plant extracts that are water-soluble become water with steam. Hydrosol contains a light aroma, and many precious ingredients that can be directly applied to the skin. It is easy to be absorbed and moisturizing.

金盞花純露 120ml
Calendula Hydrosol 120ml
白茶純露 500ml
White Tea Hydrosol 500ml
白茶純露 120ml
White Tea Hydrosol 120ml
橙花純露 500ml
Neroli Hydrosol 500ml
有機薰衣草純露 500ml
Lavender Hydrosol (Organic) 500ml
有機薰衣草純露 120ml
Lavender Hydrosol (Organic) 120ml
德國甘菊純露 120ml
Chamomile German Hydrosol 120ml
德國甘菊純露 500ml
Chamomile German Hydrosol 500ml
馬鞭草純露 500ml
Verbena Hydrosol 500ml
金縷梅純露 500ml
Witch Hazel Hydrosol 500ml
有機保加利亞玫瑰純露 500ml
Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol (Organic) 500ml
馬鞭草純露 120ml
Verbena Hydrosol 120ml
金縷梅純露 120ml
Witch Hazel Floral Water Hydrosol 120ml
橙花純露 120ml
Neroli Hydrosol 120ml
有機保加利亞玫瑰純露 160ml
Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol (Organic) 160ml
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