Soy Lecithin (Organic)

Soy Lecithin (Organic)

Organic Certification:

All-natural phospholipids extracted from soybean oil, rich in vitamin B and antioxidants, it can effectively improve the skin’s natural barrier, help protect and moisturize the skin, maintain adequate hydration level, reduce transepidermal water loss, and prevent skin appears dry, dehydrated, chapped, peeling, etc. It keeps the skin soft and smooth, suitable for dry and damaged skin. In addition, soy lecithin can also enhance the penetration and absorption of other skin care ingredients while providing antioxidant effects to the skin. Adding proper amount of soy lecithin to an emulsion can help to emulsify and stabilize the formula.

Grade: Cosmetic

How to use:  Oil soluble. Can be incorporated in the oily phase of the formula.

Suitable for: Creams, lotions, skin oils, ointments, lip balms, make-up, hair care products.

Suggested use level: 0.5%-3%

Origin: Italy

INCI: Lecithin

Volume: 20g
Price: HKD$30.00