Amino Acid Treated Iron Oxide – Maroon

Amino Acid Treated Iron Oxide – Maroon

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Surface-treated with natural amino acid derivatives, iron oxide does not contain silicone oil. It has a smoother skin finish and excellent ductility, comparing to untreated iron oxide. It is very smooth in texture, and easy to disperse in the oil phase, without granulation problems. The cosmetics products made with it will have a better performance in water-proof and durability. Matching with other colors of amino acid treated iron oxide and amino acid treated titanium dioxide, you can produce various foundations or different colors of makeup products.


Suitable for:Lipsticks, loose powder, liquid foundation, cosmetics.

How to use:First, mix the amino acid treated iron oxide and the amino acid treated titanium dioxide of various colors in the required proportion. Then, add the mixed colors into the oil phase of the product, and stir evenly.

Suggested use level:0.1-20%


INCI: Iron Oxides, Lauroyl Lysine


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