Passion Fruit Seed Virgin Oil

Passion Fruit Seed Virgin Oil

Passion Fruit Seed Virgin Oil is beneficial to skin, hair and nails:

  • Rich in essential fatty acids- nearly 80% linoleic acid together with oleic, palmitic and stearic acidslinoleic acid, working as a great moisturiser, performing anti-inflammatory abilities to help alleviate damaged skin due to excessive tanning and inflammatory skin concerns such as rosacea and acne.
  • Have a high antioxidant activity, which helps counter fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Help fight sun damage and even reverse the signs of the damage.
  • Rich in vitamin C, which can help make your skin look brighter skin and promote the manufacture of collagen.
  • Rich in minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus, which work to nourish skin to enhance skin’s healthy appearance.
  • Application on skin: It is suitable for all skin types including sensitive, dry and oily skin. It can also be used as a massage oil helping to ease the pain of arthritic joints and muscle pain.
  • Application on scalp: Helps a variety of concerns from dandruff, itchy scalp, dry scalp and dry, damaged hair.
  • Application on nails: Helps alleviate dry cuticles and also helps strengthen weak, fragile nails.

Latin Name: Passiflora edulis

Extracted from: Seeds

Grade: Cosmetic

Skin feel: Silky skin feeling

Permeability: Good

Suitable for: All skin types of skin and nail care products, scalp and hair care products, massage oil.

Suggested use level: 1-100%

Origin: Peru

INCI:Passiflora Edulis Seed Oil

Fatty Acid Composition:

C16:0 Palmitic acid 10%
C18:0 Stearic acid 2.8%
C18:1 (ω-9) Oleic acid 15.4%
C18:2 (ω-6) Linoleic acid 66.2%
C18:3 (ω-3) α-Linolenic acid (ALA) 2.8%

Volume: 100ml
Price: HKD$110.00

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