Soft Matte Loose Powder

Soft Matte Loose Powder

It can effectively control oil and repair uneven skin, creating a smooth and perfect makeup. As long as you finish your full makeup, apply the powder on your whole face to maintain your makeup for all day long. When the skin becomes oily, just gently pat the powder, then your skin can be modified, and the uneven skin tone problem caused by excessive oil will also be instantly restored as a bright and fresh makeup. The powder is fine and smooth, the color is translucent and natural, and the light is matte. Therefore, the powder on any skin color can be perfectly blended with the makeup of the skin.

Featured Ingredients:

Apple Fiber Micro Powder, Oat Fiber Micro Powder:Replace talcum powder with whole plant extract material. With a silky texture, they can effectively reduce the overall greasy feel and oiliness. they also has excellent oil control and pore modification benefits, without absorbing skin moisture.


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NET WT.: 5g

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