店長推介 Recommended Items
精選護膚品原材料,各大品牌都採用的最hit優質功能成份。 We have chosen the following ingredients as recommended products, which are commonly found in high-end brands' products and have prominent skincare effect.
植物油脂 Base Oil
從植物種子、果肉、胚芽等細胞中榨取出來的油脂,由脂肪酸和甘油化合而成,是天然的滋潤成份,並含有不同的營養素和植物活性成份,是製作保養品的必要材料。 The base oils are extracted from plant seeds, pulp, and germ. Containing fatty acids and glycerin, they are very natural and moisturizing and they contain various nutrients and plant active ingredients, which are essential for DIY skincare products.
植物萃取 Extracts
由天然植物提煉出來的活性萃取液,對肌膚有著各種不同功效,大多數為水溶性,可按照自己的需要添加到保養品中增強美肌效果。 The active extracts extracted from natural plants have various effects on the skin, most of them are water-soluble, which can be added to the skincare products according to your own needs, to enhance the skincare effect.
花水 / 純露 Floral Water / Hydrosol
花水是蒸餾植物精油時產生的副產品,部份能溶於水中的植物精華成份隨著蒸汽冷卻成為了花水,帶有清淡的香氣,含有很多珍貴成份,可以直接用於皮膚上,很容易被吸收,具保濕補水、潤澤肌膚等功效,是非常好的肌膚保養品。 Hydrosol is a by-product during the distillation of essential oils, as some of the plant extracts that are water-soluble become water with steam. Hydrosol contains a light aroma, and many precious ingredients that can be directly applied to the skin. It is easy to be absorbed and moisturizing.
香薰精油 Essential Oil
100%純天然的植物香薰精油,是由植物萃取出來的高濃度精華,有著天然的香氣,而且對身、心、靈有各種不同的療效,用途非常廣泛,加入保養品中能調配出不同功效和香味,亦能延長保養品的保質期。 Our essential oil are 100% natural, highly concentrated and extracted from plants. They have a natural aroma and various effects on body, mind and spirit. They can be applied on skin care products to provide different functions and fragrances, and also extend the shelf life of skincare products.
天然香水原料 Natural Perfume Materials
100% 純天然的香水原料,由各種香薰精油及天然植物萃取製成,是調配香水或為護膚品增添香味的最佳選擇。 100% natural perfume materials, which are made by different essential oil and herb extracts, are great choices for perfume and skincare products making.
護膚品香精 Fragrance Oil
護膚品專用的濃縮香精,有多種香味選擇,只需加入少量即可為產品添上芳香。 There are various concentrated fragrance oil, which are suitable for skin care products. Just add a small amount of fragrance oil, a natural aroma can be added to the product.
蠟類 Wax
蠟是溶點較高的油性物質,通常在植物、動物或礦物中提取出來,在常溫時呈固體狀,加熱後會溶化或燃燒,具潤滑作用,一般用來增加保養品的硬度或稠度。 Wax is an oily substance with a high melting point. It is usually extracted from plants, animals or minerals. It is solid at room temperature, but it dissolves after heating. It has a lubricating effect and is generally used to increase the hardness or consistency of skin care products.
活性成份 Active Ingredients
運用先進科技從植物細胞中抽取出來的高效活性成份,針對特定美肌需要製成,添加到保養品中能大大提高其功效,是各種昂貴護膚品中會使用的材料。 Extracted from plant cells by advanced technology, the benefit of our active ingredients are efficient and suitable for skin care use. They can be added to skin care products to enhance the efficacy. They are also commonly found in many expensive skin care products.
保濕成份 Moisturizing
能保持肌膚中一定的含水量,防止流失,避免肌膚變得乾燥,保持皮膚光滑細膩,是任何季節、各種膚質都需要的基本保養成份。 The moisturizing ingredients help maintain the water in the skin, prevent water loss and becoming dry, keeping the skin smooth and delicate. It is the basic maintenance ingredient required for any season and all skin types.
維他命 Vitamins
維他命是肌膚所需的營養素,用來維持肌膚的健康和活力狀況,不同的維他命有不同功效,可按自己需要添加到保養品中,補充肌膚所需。 Vitamins are necessary nutrients for skin, which help maintain a healthy skin condition. Different vitamins have different benefits, you may add them to your skin care products according to your needs.
美白成份 Whitening
減低皮膚色素,淡化色素沉澱,讓肌膚更加白晳亮麗的成份。 Whitening ingredients reduce skin pigmentation and leaves skin whiter and brighter.
抗敏成份 Anti Allergy
減低皮膚敏感,減少皮膚出現紅腫痕癢的情況。 Reduce skin sensitivity and reduce redness and itching of the skin.
防曬成份 Sunscreen
阻隔紫外線接觸皮膚,從而防止肌膚產生黑色素,並預防肌膚氧化及衰老。 Sunscreen ingredients block UV rays from contact with the skin, preventing skin from producing melanin and preventing skin oxidation and aging.
界面活性劑 / 起泡劑 Surfactants
製作清潔類保養品時加入界面活性劑能幫助產生泡沫,令其更有效清潔肌膚及易於沖洗。 Adding a surfactant to the cleansing care product can help create foam, which is more effective in cleansing the skin and easier to rinse off.
乳化劑 / 增稠劑 Emulsifier / Thickener
乳化劑能使保養品的油相層與水相層混合,分為水包油 (O/W, oil in water) 及油包水 (W/O, water in oil) 兩類型。增稠劑減低保護品流動性,令其呈凝膠或乳霜狀。 The emulsifier can mix the oil phase layer of the skin care product with the water phase layer, creating two types of result: oil-in-water (O/W, oil in water) and water-in-oil (W/O). Thickeners can reduce the flow of the protective product, giving it a gel or creamy texture.
抗菌劑 Preservatives
防止保養品滋生細菌及霉菌而變質,延長保養品的保質期,亦能避免皮膚接觸到過量細菌而受到感染。 Prevent the deterioration of bacteria and molds from skin care products, extending the shelf life of skin care products, and preventing skin from being exposed to excessive bacteria.
去角質成份 Exfoliant
軟化並去除皮膚表面老化角質層及毛孔內黑頭粉刺,令肌膚更柔軟白滑。 Softens and removes dead skin cells and blackheads in the pores, leaving skin softer and more slippery.
頭髮護理成份 Hair-care Ingredients
製作頭髮護理的保養品,令頭髮變得更柔滑貼服、亮麗動人。 You can find different haircare ingredients here, which make your hair become smooth, moisturizing and healthy.
天然花草粉 Herbal Powder
將乾燥的花草磨成粉末,帶有漂亮的顏色,可添加到手工皂內調色,或可製成浸泡油製作各種保養品。 Herbal powder is made by turning dried herbs into powder, which is with beautiful colors. You can add herbal powder into handmade soap for pigmentation, or use it to create infused oil for making other skincare products.
其他DIY原料 Other Raw Material
製作保養品還有很多其他材料可以選用,未能歸納到上述分類的材料可在這裡找到。 There many other ingredients can be used in DIY process. The materials that are not summarized in the above classification can be found here.
DIY工具 DIY Tools
製作保養品需要用到的工具、器材和瓶瓶罐罐。 The tools, equipment, bottles and cans needed for DIY can be found here.
基礎產品 Base Products
無香味的半製成基礎保養品,只需加入合適的精油或添加物就可以馬上使用。 Base products are fragrance-free, semi-finished products that can be used directly by adding essential oil or supplement according to your needs.
優惠套裝 Value Set
最適合新手體驗DIY樂趣的組合套裝,看看我們的DIY教學照著做永不失敗,馬上上手!還可享有折扣優惠! Value sets are the most suitable sets for novices to experience DIY fun, which are convenient and discounted! With our DIY teaching videos and value sets, you can make skincare products easily, without failure!
手工皂專區 Soap Raw Materials
製作手工皂需要用到的材料和各種添加物。 The materials and various additives needed to make handmade soaps can be found here.
蠟燭專區 Candle Materials
製作手工蠟燭需要用到的材料和各種添加物。 The materials and various additives needed to make handmade candles can be found here.
彩妝專區 Cosmetics Products
製作彩妝時專用的色粉及材料。 Here provides you the ingredients that you need in making DIY cosmetics products.
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